Our 4 Main Streams

SITA is supporting the youth to create ideas and start-ups that help the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for United Nations.
Working on four streams ” For Better Life, Transforming Businesses, Build Sustainable Environment, and Improve Public & Community Services.”
We help youth to innovate in those streams with a surrounding supporting environment to turn their ideas into reality and transform the reality to the best.

For Better Life

For a better life is one of SITA streams, this stream seeks to provide youth with an opportunity to innovate ideas that can transform lives at homes using smart designs and technologies to make our lives easier, enjoyable, and efficient.
Create an idea. But learning how to develop your concepts and transform people’s lives is not easy, so we got your back.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation is our second stream in SITA. This stream focuses on supporting businesses to be more productive, fast growing, and profitable using worldwide business trends and especially digital transformation as technology is the most effective tool just currently influencing B2B digital transformation.
SITA provides you with an opportunity to develop your current business or your business idea that will be real with our programs.
If you have an idea and you need a supporter, here’s the right place to become a successful entrepreneur.

Build Sustainable Environment

Do you know about (SDGs)? Well, we will make it clear for you, Sustainable Development Goals are designed to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources to not face global crises such as famine and water shortages, and other issues.
(SDGs) are goals to save the world through building a sustainable environment.
And here’s our third stream, Building Sustainable Environment, at this stream, we’re seeking sustainability of the world’s energy to prevent the world from disasters that could happen.
Having an idea could save the world and achieving it can make a real transformation.

Improve Public & Community Services

From time to time every community needs to refine, and now it’s time for this improvement. Improving Services is the fourth stream SITA is working on for a better community.
Improving services is now serious, building cities on sustainable energies is an emergency at present. So industry, innovation and infrastructure are needed more than in any other era.
SITA provides you with an opportunity to be part of the innovation and transformation of this community through your creative ideas and professional steps.
All you need to do is to know which program is more suitable for you.