Mentor & Expert

Noha Essam

A. Prof. of Interior Architecture & Interdisciplinary Design, Postdoc Associate, LSBU Founder & Foresight Consultant

“Studio ne+”
Dr. Noha Essam is a Professor of Interior Architecture & Interdisciplinary design, Postdoc Associate at London South bank University-LSBU. Trend Forecaster & Strategic Foresight Consultant, Sustainable Design Researcher & Environmental Psychologist. She works as a professor and creative educator at a group of reputable universities in Egypt, Gulf Region and United kingdom, such as GUC, AASTMT, MSA, ASU and LSBU.
Dr. Noha is also the founder of Studio ne+ (Design Research Analytical Platform) and the founder of “Be Transformed” Initiative to bridge the gap between education and creative industries.
Dr. Noha is a Member of World design Organization and an Award winning Design Academic/ Cumulus Association. She has been selected as the first Egyptian academic Professor of design to receive The International CA – Cumulus Association Accolade Award for design Academics 2021 coordinated by Sapienza University- Rome. She also received the leadership accolade of world design organization-WDO for her excellence in the design driven foresight research in the design education context that works in alignment with the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP. She was recently selected as a prestigious member of the editorial board in the American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation- AJMRI.
Dr. Noha has received her Ph.D. with honor from Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, and two Masters degrees, M.Sc. Environmental Psychology from St. Lawrence College, Canada and M.A. interior architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, Egypt. Her PhD thesis was shortlisted for the Best Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Thesis among Middle East universities for the topic of “Phobia of Spaces” for the year 2018. She has many international publications in interdisciplinary studies.
Dr. Noha’s researches develop better understandings of the relations between art and design education, and the creative industry. Her researches focuses on the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies of future literacy of design education, environmental psychology and trends forecasting.
Dr. Noha has over fifteen years of experience in interior architecture, design consultancy and business development upon working in several firms in Egypt & Canada. Noha’s consultancy practices side to side with her academic background enhances the language of creativity in the design community.
Through her passion for sensory design, behavioral responses, and trend forecasting techniques that is based on human experience and the reflection of users needs, Noha focused on linking the scientific research methodology of design, typological studies, art-based communication tools with practical practices to design and consult for companies, corporates and brands in order to add value to the creative industry and design education. Her crossover of passions, as well as her methodology, informs her work and creates brilliant and inspiring end results. She positively influences younger generations of designers through her work and researches. Her fusion of experiencing multidisciplinary study areas and diverse perspectives was a process of unravelling of potentials and giving free play to her creative mind while considering the practical human experience that are at the core of her approach.