Mentor & Expert

Marian Makary

Marketing & Brand Communications Consultant

Marian is a global citizen who is truly natural across different cultures having lived in Egypt, Germany, Philippines in addition to extensive global travel. She is a holder of MBA in Marketing from
Columbia Southern University and IAA diploma from the American University in Cairo to focus on Marketing and Communications in particular.
Marian has accomplished Head of Communications with wide experience in Communications and proven track record in Marketing and Advertising. This was gained over 20 years’ experience in Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, Orange Egypt and Careem Egypt.
Marian has delivered above expected results in key areas, including communication strategy, sponsorships, activations and events management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), B2B marketing & communications, offline and online digital advertising media. Her key strength is in strategy setting, she was acknowledged for her outstanding performance in rebranding Mobinil Business in 2009, Link DSLl rebranding in 2013 and Mobinil to become Orange Egypt in 2016. 
She has taken the journey of becoming the Marketing & Brand Director of Careem Egypt, which enriched her digital and app-based management learning and the challenges that faces the tech and start-up companies.
Marian has been granted various awards for exceptional advertising campaigns in Dubai Lynx, Effies and Mena Chrystal.
Marian’s up-bringing was from the diplomatic field, which enables her to be a strong communicator and can adapt in different cultures and backgrounds. She has developed a reputation as an inspiring leader of diversified and multi-cultural teams and for coaching and developing various calibers and in building brands in competitive market.
In her peruse to further develop and expand her diversity, Marian is an independent Marketing Communications Consultant, working with different industries, and start-ups to share her knowledge and experience in developing successful marketing communication strategies and campaigns.