Mentor & Expert

Dina K. Soliman

Owner & Managing Director

“Angles Co.”
Dina K. Soliman, the Owner & Managing Director of Angles Co. Egypt, part of the contracting and interior design pillars in the country since 1997 with a wide diversity in projects and client distribution.
ANGLES is over 25 years old entity in the market that is specialized in designs, room allocations, re-situating areas and full remodeling of homes, villas, offices, shops and showrooms.
Few years back, Dina started a sub-firm for Interior Design Further Education named “DecoRight” believing in elevating the overall standard of this business & prospective among Egyptians.


Dina majored in Mechanical Engineering and minored in both Business Administration & Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo where she graduated in ’96.


Also holds a Full Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration with a specialty in Space Allocation from Rhodec University in London in ’98.
A mother of a 20 years old MALAK who is a graduate of IB from AIS Egypt and currently acquiring her Bachelor of Science degree from Glasgow University in Scotland majoring in Mechanical Engineering as well. Carrying on a family legacy as it seems.
Throughout these years of work, Dina has managed a parallel full giving life into volunteer work among Rotary & Rotaract. Holding positions throughout and carrying on all sorts of service & charitable projects within Egypt and beyond.
Also, Dina is a member of several other organizations and associations in Egypt such as EJB, German Chamber, AUC Venture, among the boards of several other entities.