Development Program

Business Sustainability

SITA’s Sustainable Development Program focuses on transforming buildings and mechanisms across three key sectors to promote environmental sustainability: affordable and clean energy, industry innovation and infrastructure, and sustainable cities and communities. By saving energy, improving wellbeing, and enhancing waste management, this program aims to engage youth and maximize local supply chains. Unique features include the transformation of buildings and mechanisms within critical sectors. The program’s value lies in creating a sustainable environment while fostering community involvement. Contributions from various stakeholders are essential to drive this initiative forward.

Promote ⁠Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneur Development Program at SITA aims to foster innovation and drive economic growth through a multifaceted approach. Unique components include the SITA Academy program, university partnerships, business-driven hackathons, and collaborations to maximize outcomes. Our tactics, such as podcasts and workshops, provide valuable insights and practical knowledge. The program creates new startups, boosts existing ones, and enhances human capital development. We welcome contributions as experts, mentors, solution providers, business partners, collaborators, volunteers, funders, and investors to support and sustain this initiative.

Women Development

The Women Development Program at SITA is dedicated to empowering women through virtual jobs, micro-business opportunities, and support for women with disabilities. This program aims to create significant socio-economic impacts and engage the youth in meaningful activities. By promoting virtual jobs and home-based micro-businesses, we aim to increase women’s economic participation and independence. This program offers a unique blend of initiatives designed to uplift and support women, ensuring their active contribution to society and the economy.

Support People with Disabilities

SITA’s People with Disabilities Program leverages technology to provide assistive devices and localized solutions within an ecosystem that promotes youth leadership. The program aims to improve affordability, increase the number of beneficiaries, and reduce reliance on expatriates. By fostering a youth-based approach, we ensure innovative and sustainable solutions for people with disabilities. Unique aspects include the development of tech-based assistive devices and localized solutions, enhancing the quality of life for many. This program invites collaboration and support from all sectors to achieve its goals.