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We believe that every day is a new start and every new start needs a supporter and a navigator, so let us introduce ourselves.
We are SITA (Supporting Innovation and Transformation Academy), an academy that aims to provide talented youth with business means to help them shape, develop, and boost their innovations and transformation concepts.
Since you are in your youth time, you will find the opportunity to learn and grow in one of these programs; Innovation & Transformation Program, Interactive start-up competition & Talents Development program.

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SITA’s Main Streams

Our Programs


We will be your mediator; you get the idea that helps in business enhancement, we help you to develop ...


SITA’s transformation program will provide different business mentorships to transform existing business ...

Talents Development

The Talents Development program is presented by SITA academy, This program is offered to those who ...

Our Mentors & Experts

Ahmed Nouh

Digital Healthcare


Ahmed El Moualled

Managing Partner

“ZAD Solutions”

Ahmed Assem

Founder & Owner

“Iconic Engineering Consultancy”

Karim Wally

Founder & Chief Designer

“The Studio”

Marian Makary

Marketing & Brand

Communications Consultant

Nader Fouda

CEO & Co-Founder


Ramy Gamal

General Manager

“Systems Design”

Laila Abou El Enein

Executive & Mental

Toughness Coach

Mohamed Hegazy

Head of Operations


Alia El Tawy

Administration Manager

“Johnson & Johnson”

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence and data science will prove to be a part of a bigger picture when it comes to ...


    One of the most trending technologies is the use of robotics whether as a standalone or in ...


    Worldwide trends’ indicates that the automation will grow dramatically at homes, offices, buildings ...

    Advanced Telecommunications

    The demand for IoT in telecom sector and other industries will continue ...

    Renewable Energy

    The share of renewable energy in the global electricity mix should hit an all-time high in 2021 ...

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile app technology continues to grow. To expand their offerings and consumer reach, businesses ...

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